miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


Antes que nada agradezco al profesor Juan Enrique Cabrales, por su tiempo y esfuerzo al tratar de mejorar mi escritura en el idioma Ingles.

En lo personal me sirvio de mucho ya que mi ortografia a sido mala y pude darme cuenta de los errores y trate de corregirlos.Yo pienso que este blog no solo me sirvio a mi, si no tambien a mis compañeros.

Gracias por todo y espero mejorar el siguiente

Atte: Liliana Morales Martinez

correction of blog

Veracruz has many tourist places, some of them are the aquarium, San Juan de Ulua, Isla del Sacrificio, The Historical Center,The World Trade Center.
One more of the things I liked in this city is the typical dishes of seefood volobanes and ice cream, so we can enjoy the exquisite coffee of the parroquia.
Anoher big attraction is the carnival to which attend lost of people from many parts of the world and which takes place in the month of February.
When I visited Verucruz I was very happy. I went with my sister and a friend. We had much fun because the people of this city is very nice.
Also I went to in nightclubs in the port because nightlife in Veracruz is very fun. I also walked in the Malecon at night.
In the morning, we ate the famous tacos of Don chente.
Veracruz is beautiful, when you have the chance to return.


1- why do you think many people turned down bowerman´s idea?
A= I think ,that pouring rubber in into a waffle iron could be a stupid idea, but sometimes this kind of idea make awesome stuff!

2- why do you think smith´s professor gave him C on project ?
A= because the professor wanted a better idea for a bussines project ,but smith´s projectsounds strange but nowdays is a big bussines

.3- wich idea has led to most imitations?
A= Nike athletic shoes

4-Do you think any ideas for new products or services?
A= yes I think.

5- What are they?
A= a robot that makes many kinds of hard work

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008


Can you imagine a hotel that is made entirely of ice? Well, it exists in swenden, but only in the winter. In the spring, the hotel melts away and disappers into the river.
The Ice Hotels is situated on the shores of the torne River in the old village of Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Every winter works starts on building a new Ice Hotel, involving 40,000 tons of ice and snow. 10,000 tons of ice is taken from the Tone River, and 30,000 tons of snow is provided by Mother Nateure.
The first Ice Hotel was constructed in 1990. It started as s single room- now it has 64 rooms, as well as an Ice Chapel, an art gallery a theater, a movie theater, and an Absolut Ice Bar. Last winter, more than 14,000 guests spend the night at the Ice Hotel .
In the Absolut Ice Bar, the drinks are served in glasses made of ice, so there is no need for ice cubes!
Every year, the interior of the hotel is designed by diferent artist from all over the world.
It is described by visitors as "absolutely stunning," "one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen," and "unique."

Dear Sir or Madam:

On July 16 my friends and I arrive at our inn hoping to spend and enjoyable wekend. Since your ad says "have a fabulous time or get your money back," I am requesting that you refund our money.
From the moment we arrived, there were problems with the service. First, a very unfriendly desk clerk couldn't find our reservation. after waiting almost half an hour, we were led by another unfriendly clerk to our room. The room, which had a view of a parking lot intead of the bay, had not yet been cleaned, so we found dirty towels on the beds and cigarette butts in the ashtrays. This was not the weekend we had been looking forward to.
Service at your inn was noy always like this. My previous visits were always enjoyable because of the courteous service and cleand rooms with beautiful views. I expect to receive my refund shortly.
sincerely yours,
Dale Thomas.


Orlando is a vibrant city full of excitimg activities.
It has become a favorite destination of vacationers from all over the world because of the armazing choices for both daytime amusement In fact, there are more than 60 attractions in the Orlando area.
Nature lovers can go on calming walks in a variety of parks and gardens. Shoppers can find one-of-a-kind boutiques, in addition to six shopping malls scattered throughout the city.
Spots enthusiasts will enjoy the many golf courses and the incredible variety of beach and lke activities. The more than 2,000 restaurants, which range from pizza shops to sushi bars, offer something for everyone.

Charlotte Dutton has two jobs. Half the year she's a top model in Europe, and the other half se's a professional snowboarder in Canada . Here she talks about the problems of having two careers.

" I love modeling and snowboarding ", she says, " but I have to be two different people! you need muscles to be a snowboarding, but you have to be thin to be a model. when I'm modeling I can't eat anyting fattening.
But in the mountains it's freezing, so you have to eat proteing, cake, and chocolate. For the jumps and turns, you have to be strong.
Snowboarding is sometimes dangerous, and I offten fall. But I have to ve careful because I can't break my leg and then go to Paris to model the best skirts It's funny half the year I have to wear warm baggy clothes and a crash helment.
Then I go to Europe for a season, and I have to wear beautuful designer clothes".